Don't-Miss Stories

Toshiba announces Satellite E series notebooks

Ultra-thin notebooks will feature Intel or AMD processors and 10-point touchscreens.

AMD sees reversal of fortunes ahead in third quarter after weak Q2 earnings

Advanced Micro Devices hopes to turn around its financial struggles in the third quarter, saying it will record significant revenue growth and return to profit after reporting a loss and drop in revenue during the second quarter.

Why AMD's next-gen console victories are a big win for PC gamers

What does the inclusion of AMD silicon in next-gen consoles mean to PC gamers? Nothing less than more games, better games, and more powerful PC hardware down the line.

Intel looks past Windows, sees Android for Haswell successor

Intel now looks to the Android operating system as it breaks away from years of optimizing its top line of Core PC processors--including the recently launched Haswell processors--chiefly for Windows.

Vizio ships its $600 Windows 8 tablet, but better tablet buys could be on the way

Vizio finally is shipping its first Windows 8 tablet, six long months after it debuted at CES. The Vizio 11.6” Windows 8 Tablet PC is now available for $600 but, if you're seriously considering a Windows 8 tablet right now, the best thing to do is wait.


EA snubs sports lovers but tosses AMD fans a bone with next-gen PC gaming plans

EA says most modern gaming rigs can't handle the company's EA Sports Ignite engine, but games powered by its Frostbite 3 engine will be optimized for AMD graphics.

AMD slates first ARM server chip, 'Seattle,' for 2014

AMD's "Seattle" chip, the first from the chipmaker to be built around an ARM cores, will sample early in 2014.

Latest AMD processor runs at 5GHz

Targeting gaming and multimedia enthusiasts, AMD announced a 5GHz processor at E3 in Los Angeles.

AMD announces a 5GHz microprocessor, but few will care

AMD pushes its AMD FX-9000 chip to 5GHz, a new high for the industry.

AMD breaks from Windows exclusivity, adopts Android and Chrome OS

After years of Windows OS exclusivity, Advanced Micro Devices is opening the door to design chips to run Google's Android and Chrome OS in PCs and tablets.