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The 10 most important graphics cards in PC history

Graphics cards couldn't always play Crysis. Here's how the humble cards of yesteryear transformed into the monsters of today.

Breaking Moore's Law: How chipmakers are pushing PCs to blistering new levels

Processor performance increases may have flatlined over the past few years, but the biggest brains in the biz are working on cutting-edge tech to push PCs to blistering new speeds.

The end of Moore's Law is on the horizon, says AMD

Moore's Law has helped computers double in power every two years for decades. AMD says those days are coming to an end.

AMD provides a sneak peek at its Radeon HD 7990

AMD very briefly showed off its answer to Nvidia's Titan GPU at a GDC press conference Tuesday night.

AMD's newly-announced Radeon HD 7790 guns for the budget 1080p gaming crown

AMD has announced the Radeon 7790, a $150 graphics card with a brand new GPU that's gunning for Nvidia's GeForce GTX 650 Ti's crown as the best budget 1080p gaming option available.

Intel vs. AMD: Battle of the world's smallest PCs

These incredibly tiny, amazingly quiet computers can fit almost anywhere and perform most any task. But who has the best concept for an ultra-small-form-factor PC--Intel or AMD?

AMD's new laptop chips inspired by mobile devices, gaming consoles

As demand for PC processors plummets, Advanced Micro Devices has borrowed technologies from mobile devices and gaming consoles as a way to perk up sales for its latest A-series laptop processors that were introduced on Tuesday.

AMD announces availability of its Elite A-Series APUs for notebook PCs

AMD today announced the availability of its AMD Elite A-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), codenamed “Richland.”

Why Moore's Law, not mobility, is killing the PC

Forget tablets and economic woes. "Good enough" computer performance might be the real reason for lackluster PC sales. And it might also be the catalyst for an ambitious new era of computing.

AMD plans to sell an APU based on modified PlayStation 4 hardware

Lending more credence to the idea that the PlayStation 4 is a computer in console's clothing, AMD's marketing head has announced plans to release a stripped-down APU based on the hardware in Sony's machine.