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Smartwatches won't click with consumers until they grow Google Now–style brains

The tech world's gone gaga for the smartwatch concept, but the real world won't bite until the tech does more than push notifications to your wrist.


Sayonara, Steve: How a new Microsoft CEO can breathe new life into Windows

A new Microsoft CEO can reshape the company in ways Steve simply can't at this stage of his career, and that could be a boon for besmirched desktop lovers.

Why Lenovo's surging mobile sales shouldn't freak out the PC faithful

The world's top PC maker sells more mobile devices than traditional computers—but traditional computers have been completely redefined.

Analytics company, Brinqa, puts a price on risk

An analytics company is trying a novel approach to evaluating risk: by putting a price on it.

Windows device sales aren't meeting Microsoft's expectations, Ballmer admits

In a closed door Microsoft meeting, CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly admits to disappointing Windows hardware sales. But while the company's smart to rejigger its retail efforts, Windows devices won't shine until the software is up to par.

Microsoft should yank Windows RT for Windows RT's own good

In the wake of horrific Surface RT sales and manufacturers fleeing like rats, the best thing for Windows RT's long-term viability would be to pull Windows RT hardware from the shelves.

The promise and perils of replacing your hard drive with Dropbox

Dropbox's plan to replace your hard drive with seamless storage in the sky sounds awesome—except for the for the parts that don't.

America Offline: Can the U.S. be disconnected from the Net?

From physical destruction to hack attack to the iron fist of the government, we examine whether or not it's possible to flip a kill switch on the United States' Internet connectivity.

One Microsoft, all the time: What Ballmer's newly unified vision could mean to you

Microsoft just overhauled its entire organizational structure to focus on a vision of ubiquity—a vision that could pay dividends to YOU down the line.

Why Windows RT is crucial for Microsoft despite sagging sales

Windows RT may not be setting the world on fire—yet—but its underlying principles are shaking the Windows ecosystem to its core.