Don't-Miss Stories

Microsoft Battles the Bots

Zeus botnet server takedowns and other small victories in Microsoft's crusade help keep the web safer, but only for a while.

Ad-Aware's New Interface Appeals to Novices and Experts Alike

Lavasoft adds a new Ad-Aware version to the lineup, updates Pro, and renames Ad-Aware Internet Security Free Internet Security to Ad-Aware Antivirus+.

Researchers Discover New Duqu Variant That Tries to Evade Antivirus Detection

Security researchers have discovered a new variant of the Duqu cyberespionage malware that was designed to evade detection by antivirus products.

Computer Viruses Could Cross Frontier Into Biological Realm, Researchers Say

Computer hackers could create malicious software that crosses the line from technology to biology, crafting viruses that could spread dangerous epidemics.

Microsoft Blames Security Info-sharing Program for Attack Code Leak

The proof-of-concept exploit now circulating among hackers does not allow remote code execution -- necessary to compromise a system with malware -- but instead crashes a vulnerable machine.

Malware and Spam Volume Down, Complexity on the Rise: Symantec

The level of technical innovation and social engineering, as well as the targeting of business executives, are some of the new security trends that Symantec is warning people to be vigilant against.

6 Ways to Defend Against Drive-by Downloads

These stealthy downloads are particularly dangerous: As their name suggests, they automatically install software on end users' computers without them knowing.


Antivirus Software Powerless to Stop Data Breach Attacks, Study Finds

Large numbers of data breaches are being initiated by targeted malware that antivirus software simply can't detect, according to an analysis.

Root Out Rootkits with Free TDSSKiller

Can't quite clean the malware from your PC? You might be the victim of a rootkit. Kaspersky's free utility should help.

Symantec Clears pcAnywhere for Use

The security vendor took the unusual step of urging users to disable the program after claims that a hacker group was mining stolen source code for vulnerabilities.