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Reader Feedback: Taskbar Tip, Gmail Management, Antivirus Help

Readers ask for help on managing Gmail messages and speeding up antivirus scans--plus offer a quick way to pin folders to the Windows taskbar.

Prevent Your Anti-Virus Software From Choking on Zip Files

Zip files can be huge, wreaking havoc with your virus scanner--and potentially your PC as well. Here are two ways to work around the problem.

Kaspersky Debuts New Antivirus, Internet Security Products

Revamped antivirus and Internet security software feature a new interface, as well as the capability to undo damage caused by malicious programs.

McAfee Expands Mobile Security Offering to iPhone Consumers

The WaveSecure loss recovery app expands from Android to iOS devices.


Sophos Antivirus Flaws Revealed at Hacker Conference

Black Hat presenter is discussing vulnerabilities with Sophos, which says it's now making some changes to the security software.

Has Your Company Been Infiltrated by the Shady Rat Hack?

When McAfee released its Operation Shady Rat hacking report earlier this week, it didn't name all of the organizations it thought could have been hacked.

Best Free Software for Protecting Your PC and Your Privacy

Worried about security, but unwilling to spend a bundle? No problem. With these 11 free programs, you'll keep your computer--and your wallet--safe.

Google's Search Engine Now Sniffs Out Malware

Infected users will see a big yellow box at the top of search results, directing them to a page that explains how to remove the malware.

All Postini Features Will Move into Google Apps

Postini's Google Message Security will still be offered as a standalone product, but security features will migrate to administrative controls in other configurations.

Still Awesome After All These Years: Eight Excellent Free Downloads

These freeware programs just keep getting better with age.