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Beware a new scam that imitates Windows Update to load a fake antivirus software on the Firefox browser.

Antivirus Vendors Pounce on Mac Malware Scare

the MacDefender malware and its variants rightly have Mac users reconsidering antivirus protection.

The Best Web Apps and Online Services: Get the Most Out of the Cloud

By using Web-based applications and storing your files online, you can work from anywhere, on any device, for next to nothing.

Cloud Security Apps Promise Up-to-Date Protection

By using online databases of malware signatures and performing scans remotely, Trend Micro and Panda antivirus packages attempt to eliminate annoying updates and reduce the impact on PC performance.

Mac Defender Malware: A Survival Guide for OS X Users

If you're a Mac user infected with Mac Defender or a person who just wants to brush up on your online security know-how, here's what you need to know to avoid the perils of Mac Defender.

What Do You Do With an Infected CD, DVD, or Flash Drive?

Cyberknight asked the Antivirus & Security Software forum about safely handling infected external media

Microsoft Links Fake Mac AV to Windows Scareware Gang

Microsoft said this week that it has evidence of a link between the fake security software now plaguing Mac users and a hard-charging family of similar...

Mac Malware Brouhaha: Are Apple Users No Longer Safe?

Mac users don't need virus protection...right? A recent report suggests that Mac malware infections may be on the rise.

Remove Windows Defender (As Long As Windows is Defended)

Windows Defender isn't listed in Control Panel's uninstallers. Spiritchaser asked the Answer Line forum how to remove it.

Fake "MacDefender" Brings Malware to Macs

Fake anti-virus software moves to attack the Apple platform. Here's how to avoid it.