Don't-Miss Stories

Google buys browser-based malware scanner VirusTotal

The database of infected sites and other pests will likely bolster Google's existing security services.

When Your PC is Likely Infected

Joyce V's computer is having trouble with security programs--a strong indication that her computer may be infected with malware

McAfee Focuses on Privacy in Mobile Security Software Package for Android

Android apps can too easily invade smartphone users' privacy and expose personal data, McAfee says.

Antivirus Suites Struggle to Block Exploit-based Attacks

Many antivirus suites still can't completely protect against malware attacks against two recent and serious Microsoft vulnerabilities, researchers find.

Gauss Threatens Malware Tool Boom, Security Experts Warn

Detection tools released this week for the latest descendant of the Stuxnet malware will not be effective for long.

Cure Sick Windows PCs with This New Linux 'Fix-on-a-Stick'

Armed with a Windows app and a custom version of Linux, these USB devices are designed to restore infected or bloated Windows PCs back to health.

Mobile Devices Are the New 'Wild West'

Mobile devices have gigabytes of data and access to sensitive information just like PCs, but most people are failing to properly secure them.

Apple Steals From Windows Update Playbook for Mountain Lion OS X

Apple will boost the frequency of security updates in OS X Mountain Lion and automatically install required patches for users.


Apple Quietly Pulls Claims of Virus Immunity

In the wake of the Flashback malware infestation, Apple has removed a statement from its website that claims its Mac OS X isn't susceptible to viruses.

The Best Freeware for Small Businesses

Looking to trim your IT budget? Start with your PC software.