Don't-Miss Stories

AOL Revamps AIM with Facebook, Google Chat Apps

AIM now features a seamless leap into video chat, and photo-sharing isn't relegated to URLs and text.

Yahoo Has No Easy Options For Making Consumers Interested Again

The next CEO of Yahoo has a tough job ahead of them--finding nnew ways to get consumers excited about the ailing search engine again.

10 of the Shortest-Lived Tech Products

Analysis: These gadgets and services were gone fast, in existences that were nasty and brutish.

The 7 Worst Tech Mergers and Acquisitions

Sometimes tech mergers look good on paper but flop in practice. Here's a look at some of the biggest tech merger failures.

LulzSec Says Goodbye with New Data Dump

In what it says is its final act of mayhem, hacker group LulzSec publicly unloaded a trove of documents containing a significant amount of compressed data.

The 7 Worst Tech Merger Ideas Ever

These unlucky seven mergers--involving everyone from Apple to Microsoft to Google--hopefully will never see the light of day.

Verizon Bill Follows Customer to the Grave

Verizon billed a woman for months after she died of breast cancer, and even turned the matter over to a collection agency.

AOL's War on Web Journalism: TechCrunch Edition

Analysis: Ethics, schmethics! AOL/TechCrunch's Michael Arrington doesn't need your stinking rules -- so do you need his stinking stories?

20 Game-Changing Events That Shaped the Internet, Part 1

The Internet changed our lives, but what made the Internet into what it is today? We look at 20 historic events--good and bad--including the first online game, early banner ads, modems, Wi-Fi, Craigslist, and more.

20 Game-Changing Events That Shaped the Internet, Part 2

We continue to look at the events that made the Internet into what it is today. In this part we examine blogs, Napster, Skype, online books, Facebook, and more.