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AOL and the Fight for Editorial Independence

A feud between 'sister' sites TechCrunch and Moviefone raises questions over who owns the media and how it's manipulated

AOL Buys Huffington Post, Kills Quality Content

AOL is back, baby. And by "back," I mean back to being ridiculous. Its latest move: buying The Huffington Post for an astounding $315 million.

Huffington Post-AOL Merger: The Web Weighs In

Can the Huffington Post keep its independent voice? Can Arianna Huffington do for AOL's content business what she did for her HuffPost? The Web chimes in.

AOL to Buy Huffington Post for $315 Million

AOL has agreed to buy the second most popular news website in the U.S., The Huffington Post, for $315 million, it said in a statement Monday.

AOL Buys HuffPost for $315 Million

Founder Huffington will oversee a new AOL division encompassing a broad swath of consumer sites, push local coverage, video, and other projects.

Send and Receive Instant Messages Right in Your Browser

Free service Meebo offers cross-platform instant messaging, with no resource-hogging software to install on your PC. It's arguably the best Web service you're not using.

Hey, AOL: Don't Rip off Your Most Loyal Users

Analysis: AOL should tell its double-fee customers that they don't need to keep paying for a subscription to get online or even check their AOL e-mail.

Paul Allen Amends Lawsuit Against Facebook, Apple and Others

The lawsuit accuses AOL of infringing the patent in its presentation of related news stories while Apple is accused of infringing the patent in its presentation of related content on its iTunes store.

This Dumb Year: The 57 Lamest Tech Moments of 2010

For high-profile flops, strange decisions, pointless lawsuits, and general weirdness, it's been a very good year.


Set the Default Mail Client to AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo

This normally requires a bit of browser and/or system tinkering, but the awesome GmailDefaultMaker utility simplifies the process.