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25 Geeky Silver Anniversaries to Celebrate in 2010

The current year's most notable technology-related 25th anniversaries, from AOL to Windows 1.0.

What a Dumb Decade: The 87 Lamest Moments in Tech

A year-by-year look back at the biggest blunders and goofiest stories of 2000 through 2009.


Google, Yahoo, AOL Users Search for Michael Jackson

The King of Pop topped the list of 2009 online search terms on Google, AOL and Yahoo.

AOL Changes Its Logo, and More

AOL changes logo as the most obvious part of a makeover to help the fading online giant regain some of its past glory.

AOL Is a Real Steal at a Mere $4.2 Billion

It may sound like a fortune, but $4.2 billion is a pittance compared with the $20 billion value that Google placed on AOL when it invested $1 billion in 2005.

The New AIM: Less Clunky and Annoying, More Social

The new AIM aims to be not only an IM client but also an aggregator of social networking info (aka your “lifestream”) from other services, too.

15 Tech T-Shirts We Love

A T-shirt says a lot about the person wearing it. And when the wearer is a proud geek, the message comes through loud and clear.

Google #1 in Search Engine Satisfaction, AOL in Last Place

Google leads the pack, with an 86 percent satisfaction ranking, the same as it scored last year. Ranked number 2 is "all others" with 78 percent, up 2.6 percent from a year ago.

Jackson News Spikes Chatter, AIM Goes Dark

Instant messaging shifts to Twitter for instant communication on celebrity news.

More Firms Banning IM Access to Enemy Nations

Google and possibly AOL are jumping on Microsoft's bandwagon, banning IM services to citizens of hostile countries.