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Apple TV 40GB Disappears: 160GB Model Discounted

Apple discontinued the 40GB Apple TV and cut the price of its 160GB model to $229.


Apple's Big Event: A Scorecard

Apple's hotly hyped 09/09/09 event has come and gone. Here's a scorecard of the predictions and how they compared with what actually went down.


Might Apple TV Morph into Games Console?

An analyst suggests Apple TV will evolve into an all-around entertainment system.


Flicking the Apple TV

Apple has addressed shortfalls with software updates for Apple TV and the Remote app.


Quiz: You Don't Know Jack about Apple – or Do You?

So you think you know Apple? Here are 10 trivia questions to prove it.

12 Ways to Bring YouTube to the Boob Tube

All sorts of devices propose to bring Web video and other connected services to the living-room TV. We evaluate 12 of the most popular and innovative ones, with the pros and cons of each.


The Connected TV: Web Video Comes to the Living Room

As the quality of Web video improves, more people want to watch it on the big TV in the living room. We discuss the devices that stream video from Internet sources, the video that's available to watch, and the network you'll need to make it all work.


ITunes HD: The Price Is What?

Apple's now allowing customers to buy and rent HD movies from the iTunes Store on their computers.

Apple TV Sales Triple

Bolstered by a big sales increase, Apple's happy little hobby keeps plugging along.


The Six Worst Apple Products of All Time

The Mac is a landmark, but not everything Apple touches turns to gold.