Don't-Miss Stories

Netflix Improves with New Apple TV

Users can now sign up for Netflix straight from an Apple TV and use iTunes billing, and stream movies and TV shows in full HD 1080p quality.


Apple's Announcements at a Glance

A new iPad, slick apps, and a rev of Apple TV made up the bulk of Apple's big announcements Wednesday.


Apple Unveils New Apple TV with 1080p Support, Updated UI

Apple unveiled a new Apple TV model on Wednesday, with support for 1080p video and a new user interface, at a special event in San Francisco.


Apple TV Shortages Fuel Rollout Rumors

The odds we'll see a new Apple TV at tomorrow's media event are better than 50 percent, but only just.


Google Updates YouTube with Discovery Features

Google TV gets some new navigation functions, just ahead of an expected refresh for Apple TV.


Apple TV Set: What We Know So Far

Component makers are talking--is the Apple TV set about to become reality?

How Google and Apple Will Control TV

If you're not Google or Apple and are in the TV business, someone is going to eat your lunch within three years. Here's why.


Jailbroken Apple TV Plays iOS Apps

The jailbroken device runs webpages and apps like Maps, YouTube, Facebook and Cydia.


Sony Looks to Trump Apple in Race for Next-Gen TV, CEO Says

Apple hasn't announced a next-gen TV plan, but that hasn't stopped Sony from promising to trump Apple's TV efforts.


Tech Giants Battle to Control Your Living Room

Companies like Amazon, Google, Hulu, and Netflix are engaged in a high-stakes battle to lock up movies and TV shows that will convince you to commit to their entertainment services.