Don't-Miss Stories

Apple iTunes Movie Re-Downloads Not Coming Soon, Report Says

Apple still needs to negotiate deals with a clutch of movie studios before you'll be able to stream or redownload your iTunes movie purchases to any PC.


You Can Finally Buy Shows on Apple TV

Apple changes its strategy for Apple TV and will let users purchase TV shows as well as rent them.


Google TV More Enticing after Set-Top Box Price Slash

A new set-top box price drop could prompt more people to bring Google into the living room


Apple Still Bet to Bid for Hulu

Reports simmer about Apple's interest in the video service, which went up for sale last month.


Apple Said In Early Talks to Acquire Hulu

Hulu has been seeking a suitor for some time, and perhaps the streaming site has found one in Cupertino.


Is RIM Making a Set-Top Box Like Apple TV? Doubtful.

BlackBerry-watchers are buzzing about Cyclone, a larger version of the BlackBerry Presenter that links to TVs by HDMI.


Sn0wbreeze Releases Untethered Verizon iPhone Jailbreak for Windows

Hacker iH8sn0w brings you an unteathered jailbreak that you won't want to miss; it works for Verizon iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple TV.

What Will Apple Do With 12 Petabytes of Storage?

The Cupertino company is ordering a lot of data storage from Isilon Systems...why?

Apple AirPlay Headed for TV Sets, Says Report

Apple is reportedly looking to license AirPlay software to TV manufacturers so that they can allow direct streaming of video and audio from Apple devices.


Tech Killers: Challengers That Have Tried to Beat Hugely Successful Competitors

The tech industry has a long history of latecomers taking on dominant products and services. Think Microsoft Zune versus Apple iPad, Google TV versus Apple TV, Mozilla Firefox versus Internet Explorer. We look at some notable clashes of the past decade.