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Is Apple's iPad 2 a Nintendo-Sony-Microsoft Killer?

Apple's iPad 2 sports a new processor "nine times" faster than its predecessor, so is it an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, or Sony NGP killer?


Apple Stores: Crazy Customers, Homeless Webcasters and Drug Dealers: Yeah, Right

An Apple employee spills the secrets of Apple store life to Popular Mechanics.


Developing For iPhone Nano Might Suck

Rumors of a smaller, more affordable iPhone have been circulating since the original iPhone was still in production. Here are a few reasons developers might not so be eager for such a device to be released.


Rumored Mini-iPhone: Another Sign of Apple's Affordability Craze

Apple has been cutting prices wherever it can.

Apple TV iOS Gaming Clues Spell Trouble for Xbox, PlayStation

Look out Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, Apple may be planning a serious run on your set-top video gaming turf.


Is Apple TV Taking Aim at Xbox?

Bits of code found in the latest beta version of iOS 4.3 hints that gaming, multiplayer functionality and gaming controllers may be coming to Apple's set-top box.


Gadgets: Built to Not Last

That shiny new Android phone you just bought? Yeah, it's a piece of trash. No, I'm not some Google-hating Apple fanboy. The iPhone 4 is junk, too.

Seas0nPass Aims to Make Apple TV Jailbreaking a Breeze

Jailbreaking your Apple TV may have just got easier with FireCore’s Seas0nPass.


Apple to Scrap Restocking Fees? We Hope So

Apple may be dropping a 10 percent restocking fee for returned products to its Apple retails stores.

Connect a PC to Your TV

It's possible, and easy if you have the right ports on both, but there are better ways to ferry video from the Internet and your PC to your TV.