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Seas0nPass Aims to Make Apple TV Jailbreaking a Breeze

Jailbreaking your Apple TV may have just got easier with FireCore’s Seas0nPass.


Apple to Scrap Restocking Fees? We Hope So

Apple may be dropping a 10 percent restocking fee for returned products to its Apple retails stores.

Connect a PC to Your TV

It's possible, and easy if you have the right ports on both, but there are better ways to ferry video from the Internet and your PC to your TV.


Microsoft TV vs. Google TV: Showdown at CES

Microsoft is expected to announce a new Windows-based set-top box using Windows Media Center, and Google TV will be featured on new Vizio models.


2010: Apple's Year in Review

2010 was yet another successful year for Apple, but it wasn't without controversy.


Apple TV and Roku: (Almost) a Million Sold

Curious how that whole streaming video set-top box business is working out? Apple and Roku are happy to brag.


All I Want For Geekmas: Elizabeth's Top 5 Christmas Gadgets

GeekTech blogger Elizabeth Fish is all about the gadgets. See her holiday wish list, and get some ideas for that gadget lover in your life.

Apple Game Console: Build Your Own

Analysis: An iPad and an iPhone or iPod Touch can team with a TV to create an iOS game console.


Boxee Box Debuts in a Packed Internet-Connected Set-Top Box Field

With so many big names like Google and Apple competing for the top spot in your living room, does Boxee stand a chance?


Apple TV Hackers Produce a Weather App

It’s been less than a day since the Apple TV was actually hacked, but already a user has come up with a custom weather app.