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Google TV: Exciting, But Expensive

The list of features for Google TV is sky-high -- but if you want the full Web-TV experience, you'd better be ready to pay the full price.


Why Apple TV Will Eat Google TV's Lunch

Forget about Google TV. Apple's got five secret weapons that will help it pull the plug on Google TV.


Apple TV Jailbreak: Imagine the Possibilities

The best is ahead, as as hackers and developers explore Apple's liberated set-top box.


Apple TV Teardown Gives App Store Clues, Says Analyst

Apple will add App Store functionality to its new, miniature Apple TV in the near future, a Wall Street analyst said on Wednesday.


Apple TV Ships Soon, Probably With Omissions

Analysis: Apple may find it hard to deliver the promised 99-cent rentals of TV shows from major networks.


Roku’s New Internet TV Boxes are Ready to Take on Apple TV

There’s nothing radical about the new devices but they sport some nice tweaks, and they're better, cheap and smaller than previous models.

iOS 4.2 Beta Reveals Apple TV Runs iOS

Being based on iOS, the Apple TV will likely be a target for the jailbreak community, offering potential enhancements and modifications.


Apple TV Called too Cheap to Win

Warner Bros. won't team with Apple TV, calls 99-cent rentals a steal.


For Google TV, a Sharp Turn Away From Apple TV

Google TV may offer the polar opposite television experience when compared to Apple TV.


Apple TV: Honey, I Shrunk the iPod Touch

Powering the new Apple TV with an A4 saves costs and space, and makes for a more profitable product.