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Google gets the best of Waze with latest Maps update—and vice versa

After snatching up social traffic app Waze in June, Google is finally adding the app’s crowdsourced incident reports its own mobile Maps.


Microsoft updates Windows Phone App Studio as DIY developer projects skyrocket

Microsoft is updating the recently launched beta of Windows Phone App Studio to improve performance and scalability after the new app development tool crossed 55,000 active projects.

Build your own mobile apps

DIY dev: should you build your own app?

For businesses with the right talent and resources, developing your own apps can offer huge advantages. But it’s not for everybody.

Nuance Wintermere

How Nuance is building a digital persona that loves you

A man falls in love with his digital assistant. It's not just the premise of a new movie. It's a business objective of Nuance Communications.

Plants vs Zombies 2 review: Sticks to its roots, but paywall leaves us feeling dead inside

Plants vs Zombies 2 has more plants, more zombies, and more ways to make you pay.


google glass

Investment firm Fidelity designs a Google Glass app

The research arm of financial services firm Fidelity Investments has begun work developing the first Google Glass app targeted specifically at investors and traders.


Google blocks Microsoft's YouTube app for Windows Phone (again)

Two days after a Microsoft-made YouTube app arrived for Windows Phone owners, Google blocked Microsoft's access for the second time this year.

Facebook disables some legitimate apps while targeting malicious ones

The use of tools to detect malicious patterns in apps led Facebook to temporarily disable some legitimate third-party apps that integrate with the social networking website.

Report: Android tablet app availability still trailing iPad

Android tablets are making strides, but they still lag behind the iPad in at least one key area, market research firm Canalys says -- the availability of optimized apps for tablets.


The best Windows 8 business apps for portable productivity

Consumers are the firm focus of the Windows Store, but business owners can find plenty of finger-friendly apps designed for portable productivity.