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Apple Shoots the Messenger

Apple lost the best weapon it had against malware and security issues when it dropped Charlie Miller from its developer program.

iPhone Security Flaw Shows Potential for App Store Malware

It turns out the Apple store isn't all that secure.

More Apps Being Downloaded but Few are Put to Use

In terms of all U.S. adults, 35 percent of adults have apps on their phone, but 24 percent of adults actually used them.


6 Great Apps to Help You Manage Your Household

Can't remember what items your family needs from the grocery store or what days the kids' dental appointments fall on? These apps can help you keep everyone in your life on the same page.


Gmail iOS App Released, Then Pulled

Google released its anticipated iOS app on Wednesday--then quickly pulled it to fix a bug.


Android Market Trumps Apple's App Store With Auto-Update Feature

The latest Android Market update isn't a big one, but it includes one change that should make iPhone users jealous.

Gmail iOS App: 8 Features for the Rumored App

With Google reportedly on the verge of launching a native Gmail app for iOS, here's eight features I'd love to see included in the app.


Apple iOS App Helps Locate Nearest Haunted House

Haunted House is a location-based app that uses's directory, supposedly the Web's largest and most comprehensive, to find haunts near you.


10 Creepy Mobile Games

Halloween is just around the corner, so why not scare the pants off yourself by playing one of these Android or iOS games?

Android Overtakes iOS in App Downloads

Android has captured 44 percent of the total app market, thanks to rapid growth in the last year, according to ABI Research.