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High School App Designer Behind Ubershuffle

Creative high school student shows promise as a software designer

Windows 8 App Store Will Change Windows Software Forever

Windows 8 will bring with it the most significant revamp of the Windows interface since Windows 95, and it will change the way software is developed and distributed with the Windows 8 app store.

Android Users Only Have Love for Top Apps, Study Finds

The top 10 Android apps claimed 43 percent of the average user's daily mobile app time, and the top 50 Android apps take up 61 percent of the average user's time.


Windows 8: More App Store Evidence Surfaces

Microsoft appears to be adding an app store to Windows 8, but plenty of questions remain when it comes to Microsoft's app strategy.


New App Designed to Show You What Your Friends Really Think of You

Use this app to receive push notifications of your biggest social networking failures.


Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader Joins Uprising against Apple App Store

Walmart also attempts to buck Apple with the launch of its new Vudu web app independently of the App Store.


16 Tech Milestones of a Million, a Billion or More

Ranging from the run-of-the-mill million to an astonishing 15 billion, and all just from the past month.

Amazon Outflanks Apple with Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon recently removed the Kindle Store button from its iOS app to avoid sharing revenue with Apple, and now it is circumventing Apple even more with the introduction of a Web-based Kindle app.

iOS 5 Will Make Photos Faster and More Fun

The newest updates to iOS may mean new and better photo filter apps.


Skype Takes iPad App Live, for Real This Time

The app, which was prematurely released Monday, has been expected for more than a month, when reports surfaced that a release was imminent.