Don't-Miss Stories

Google to Help Developers Adapt Their Apps for Tablets

Google is organizing a series of Android Developer Labs (ADLs) that aim to help developers convert their existing smartphone applications to run on Android


Skype for iPad Makes a Brief Appearance in App Store

Skype said its app, which was available late Monday but quickly pulled, had gone live prematurely.

Kobo Rebuffs Apple, Will Build HTML5 Bookstore

The e-book seller released an app meeting Apple's new policies but also announced plans to build an HTML5 e-reading app that will work in the iOS browser that it'll control itself, with no requirement that it follow Apple's rules.

Nine Creepy Apps for Android, iOS, and the Web

Ranging from apps that seem designed with stalkers in mind, to apps that facilitate what looks a lot like prostitution, we found plenty of programs that vie for the “creepy” crown.


App Store, Android Market Spur Explosive App Download Growth

Researcher In-Stat projects some 48 billion mobile application downloads by 2015 as the explosive growth continues.


Google Books Bows to New Apple App Store Rules

The Google Books iOS app is now in line with Apple's newly enforced rules that ban links bypassing Apple's own in-app purchase mechanism, which means Apple can retain its 30 percent cut.


Apple's New App Store Rules: Let the Minor Inconveniences Begin

Thanks to Apple's new app store rules about selling content, a lot of apps are choosing to inconvenience the customer.

Apple B2B App Store Open for Business

Apple's B2B App Store is open for business enabling customers to build or buy custom iOS apps.

Will HTML5 Kill the Mobile App?

Native apps are expensive to make and hard to promote; with a powerful new upgrade to HTML now emerging, developers may opt for apps that run in mobile browsers.

IPad Apps: Is Apple Courting Businesses?

Traditionally consumer focused Apple is showing signs of courting businesses.