Don't-Miss Stories

Apple Revamps Apple Store iPhone App

The Apple store anniversary refresh includes options for custom configurations of some product lines.


Expensify Adds Receipt Scanning to Simplify Expense Reporting

Speed up expense tracking with Expensify's new scanning feature, which automatically logs and categorizes your purchases.

5 Issues in Lodsys' In-App Purchase Patent Claim

The company wants third-party iOS developers to license its technology in order to implement in-app purchases in iPhone and iPad software.


Guinness Awards Gaming Records to iPhone 4, App Store

iPhone 4 called "fastest-growing gaming system" while App Store games and Angry Birds set records too.


R.I.P. iFlowReader: How Apple Policy Crushed a Small Company

Killed by fees imposed by Apple, iFlowReader is forced to close its doors and shut down the company.

Apps Lure Smartphone Shoppers

Price-checking, comparison-shopping and other tools in apps are helping 1 in 5 UK smartphone owners buy online, an agency reports.


20 All-New Apple iPad Games: The Greatest Available

A comprehensive look at 20 of the greatest video games available for Apple's iPad.

Mac App Store Upgrade: Will OS X Lion be Apple's Vista?

Upgrading purely through a digital download does not appeal to me and may spell trouble for Apple.

Android Market Poised to Overtake App Store in August

Reports predict Android Market will have more total apps than the Apple App Store this summer


Apple's Popular Apps Not Exclusive to iPhone: Analysis

Think you have to buy an Apple iPhone to get all the great apps? Our analysis shows that you can get top apps on any smartphone.