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Windows 8 apps: The good, the bad, and the ugly

With only a couple weeks left to the official launch of Windows 8, Microsoft still has some work to do on the Windows 8 apps front.

Google Play Store closes in on App Store with 25 billion downloads

Google accomplished its feat six months after Apple celebrated the same landmark with the App Store.


Microsoft Windows 8 Appfest sets app developers record

The event in India was supported by two Gigabits of bandwidth coming into the venue and six power generating stations ensured that power failure was not a problem.

Pirated Android Apps Are Only Part of the Problem

The DOJ has shut down sites accused of distributing pirated Android apps, but there are worse things you can download from third-party app stores.

Google Play Store Set to Get Gift Cards, Wish Lists

Hackers uncovered code supporting the features in a new update of the store’s application package.


Valve's Steam Expands Beyond Games to Take on App Stores

The popular PC gaming service will offer other types of software for sale such as creativity and productivity tools starting next month.

Are Enterprise App Stores the Future?

Enterprise app stores like the SAP Store can change the way enterprise software is bought and sold. Like any revolution, though, it won't be an easy process.

Google Play Grows Up: New Developer Policies Will Clean Up Google's App Store

Google Wednesday introduced new developer policies, designed to clean up the Google Play store.


Google Play $25 Credit Amps Android Downloads

Nexus 7 owners who get a nudge to go shopping at Google Play are finding many interesting and budget-priced apps available.


Apple Will Fix App Store Vulnerability With IOS 6

Apple has issued guidance to iOS developers wondering how to protect their App Store apps from a hack that makes it possible to get in-app purchases for free.