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BlackBerry App World Tops Three Billion Downloads, RIM Says

After months of bad news, Research In Motion had some positive news to share proclaiming that its app store, BlackBerry App World, recently passed three billion app downloads.


Trojan Horse found in the iOS App Store: Report

Security software company Kaspersky discovered a Trojan Horse in the iOS App Store that sends your contacts to a remote server and spams people you know.

Crashing iOS Apps Blamed on Flaw in Apple App Store

The developer of Instapaper says the update Apple was pushing to his users was corrupt. Another app maker attributed the problem to damaged binaries.


Best Apps of 2012: Top Replacement Apps for Android and iPhone

No need to settle for the apps that came with your Android handset or iPhone. Assistant, GroupMe, and other capable replacements offer extra functionality.


Best Apps of 2012: Noteworthy News Apps for Android and iPhone

Try Pocket, Zite, and other apps that can help you save articles, customize your news, peruse RSS feeds, and more.


Best Apps of 2012: Great Games for Android and iPhone

Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Infinity Blade 2, and other terrific smartphone games will encourage your creativity, test your reflexes, and challenge your wits.


Best Apps of 2012: Top Business Apps for Android and iPhone

Business Calendar Free, GoodReader for iPhone, and other apps can help you stay on top of everything you need to do throughout the workday.

Best Apps of 2012: Top Entertainment Apps for Android and iPhone

With, Tweetbot, and other just-for-fun apps, you can stay entertained wherever you are.


The Best Apps for Android and iPhone, 2012 Edition

The right apps can give your iPhone or Android smartphone superpowers. Facing speeding deadlines? Want awesome entertainment? Need instantaneous news? This collection of super apps is ready to save the day!


The Best Android and iPhone Apps of 2012: Alphabetical List

Here's the complete list of all 48 selections in our latest roundup of the best apps available for Android handsets and iPhones.