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15 Awesome Windows 8 'Metro-Style' Apps

Here are some of the best Metro-Style Windows 8 apps -- optimized for touchscreens, but functional with mouses and keyboards.

Window Shopping: A Look at the Windows Store

Microsoft has officially embraced the age of the app and opened its own app store -- the Windows Store.

How Chomp Could Improve Apple's App Store

Apple has acquired Chomp -- this could be a very good thing.

Mozilla's Open Web App Store Will Launch Next Week

Users will be able to buy an app once and use it on any HTML5-enabled device, Mozilla says.

Three Ways I Want Apple to Improve iTunes

Apple is working on an update to the iTunes Store, according to reports. While it's busy at work, here are three improvements I'd like to see.


App Store Nears 25 Billion Downloads

Apple is offering a $10,000 Gift Card to the person who downloads the 25 billionth app from the iOS App Store.


Android Love: 12 Free Apps for Valentine's Day

Check out these free Android apps designed to help you find the best flowers, chocolates, rom-coms, love poems, dinner reservations, mood music, more. (All apps are Cupid approved.)


Apple Pulls Ripoff Apps from its Walled Garden

Some consumers get confused and shell out money thinking they're getting the real app, when they're actually buying a counterfeit.


Censored: Apple Content Filtering Needs Work

Apple seems to think that "kinky sex moves" is appropriate content for 12 year olds, but rejected other content because it has the word "penis".

Android Market Tops 400,000 Apps

The Market's app store catalog crossed the 400,000 app barrier four months after hitting 300,000 apps.