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Intel to ship new Atom server processors next week

Intel is expected to announce availability next week of a low-power Atom server chip code-named Avoton, which is likely to appear soon in systems such as Hewlett-Packard's Moonshot.

ARM acquires Sensinode, a vendor of software for 'Internet of Things'

ARM has acquired Sensinode in Finland in its bid to provide technology and processors for the "Internet of things," consisting of a variety of low-power and inexpensive devices including sensors communicating with the Internet and one another.

Oracle and ARM to tweak Java

Oracle and ARM are working together to make the Java programming language more suitable for ARM processors, in order to encourage its use for embedded systems and enterprise software.

Analyst questions tests that put Intel's 'Clover Trail' over ARM

Does Intel's "Clover Trail" Atom chip outperform the incumbent ARM processor? One analyst has rerun the benchmarks, and concluded that ARM's processor comes out on top.

AMD slates first ARM server chip, 'Seattle,' for 2014

AMD's "Seattle" chip, the first from the chipmaker to be built around an ARM cores, will sample early in 2014.

Analyst: Intel's smartphone chip offers significant power savings vs. ARM

Tests by ABI Research cast doubt on the common assumption that ARM chips offer better power savings than X86 chips designed by Intel, and may mean more smartphones will be built using Intel's Atom family.

Intel's Atom is on a collision course with Coreā€”and everybody loses

Here's the question that's keeping Intel up at night: If the latest "Bay Trail" Atom chips are really that good, why does anyone need a "Haswell" PC at all?

ARM claims mobile processor superiority over Intel's Silvermont

The seesaw mobile processor battle between ARM and Intel continued at Computex, with ARM claiming it offered better performance per watt for mobile devices than Intel's upcoming chips.


ARM targets $200 smartphones with new Cortex A12 processor

ARM is targeting high-performance smartphones and tablets priced between US$200 and $350 with a new low-power Cortex-A12 processor the company announced Monday.


Day 1 at Computex

At Computex in Taipei on Monday we'll hear from Acer, MSI, Asus and ARM, as the companies tout their latest products. We expect to see a number of Windows tablets and new laptop-table hybrids.

Stampede supercomputer delivers 10 petaflops of peak performance

Dell working on ARM supercomputer prototypes

Not fazed by a takeover battle looming on the sidelines, members of Dell's research division are putting together the pieces for prototype ARM supercomputers that could be deployed in the future.