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Asus G74Sx Gaming Laptops Now on Pre-Order

The laptops are notably not gaudy but configured for gaming on the go.

Asus K53E-B1: A Beefy But Affordable Workhorse

It's on the heavy side and not particularly speedy, but the K53E-B1 delivers decent features, good battery life, and superior audio for a modest price.

Asus May Put Windows 8 In Next Eee Pad Transformer Tablet

Let the Windows 8 hardware rumors begin.

Unintentional comedy at a gadget keynote

Asus Padfone launch creates a viral superstar


Asus EeePC 1215B: Netbook or Ultraportable?

This laptop is sold as a netbook, but matches up well with mainstream ultraportables in all but performance.

Asus' Padfone Combines Smartphone With Tablet Dock

Asus demonstrated its combination smartphone and tablet device called the Padfone at the Computex trade show


Asus Demos Phone-Tablet Combo, Meego Netbook

Taiwan's Asustek Computer has previewed a smartphone-tablet PC combo device that seeks to bring together the strengths of both devices.

Asus Teases Smartphone-Tablet Combo, More

Expected next week: an evolved Eee PC netbook, 3D tablet, and hybrid smartphone-tablet.


Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Review: Innovative Design Makes This Tablet Stand Out

The first Android 3.0 tablet from Asus pairs with a keyboard dock to provide additional ports, battery life, and maximum file-handling flexibility.


Must-Have Features for Your Next Laptop

Time to turn in your old warhorse for a new laptop? Here's our guide to the essential features to look for--whether you're considering an ultraportable or an all-purpose model.