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Laptop makers Acer and Asus are racing to bring competing ultraportable laptops to market in September.

Asus G74SX: A Monstrous Gaming Powerhouse

The Asus G74SX is huge, but its elegant design and excellent performance are worth the lack of mobility.

Asus Tablet with Slide-out Keyboard Due in September?

An Italian site reports the Eee Pad Slider will arrive in September and start at $400.


IPad Could Lose Popularity 'If Other Devices Were Cheaper'

Rival manufacturers to Apple's iPad tablet could increase their market share by dropping prices, but they will need to fight hard.

8 Great Laptops Under $800

It seems like most of us these days can share Groucho Marx's sentiment: “I started out with nothing and I have most of it left.” These great laptops won't strain your bank account.

Thanks to MeeGo, Asus Makes Good on Its $200 Laptop Promise

Now available for preorder, this compelling new netbook taps the power of Linux.

Bummer: Asus and Acer Ultrabooks to Cost Over $1000

Contrary to expectations, Asus and Acer will not be pricing their upcoming Ultrabook laptops under $1,000, according to reports.


Three Great Alternatives to the New Macbook Air

We rate the new MacBook Air versus Ultrabooks and other PC Ultra-Slim Laptops

Asus Transformer Tablet: Surprising Second Best in Sales After Apple iPad

Asus is selling more than 400,000 Eee Pad Transformer tablets per month.


HP Taking on MacBook Air, Asus with Ultrabook Laptop

HP is rumored to be launching at least two Ultrabook models -- laptops that are less than 0.8-inches thick, have a long battery life, and cost under $1,000.