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Linksys Powerline Connections: Wired Without Wires

Powerline networks operate by sending a modulated carrier signal over your regular AC wiring.

AT&T Won't Appeal Decision in Throttling Suit

Goliath decides to pay off David and move on, so a customer wins his lawsuit against a vendor for reneging on marketing claims.


AT&T to Appeal Ruling in Throttling Case

The company’s move is no surprise: Half of its smartphone users -- about 17 million customers -- are on so-called unlimited plans and it could find itself in a legal nightmare if other customers win similar cases.

UPDATE: Google Wallet Security Concerns Raised

Security firm Zvelo has discovered that the Google Wallet PIN, which is required of users to confirm purchases made with their phones, can be cracked via an exhaustive numerical search.


TVs Are Interesting Again

Big and beautiful TVs earned the most oohs, ahhs, and accolades at CES, including super-slim OLED displays with stunning pictures and prototype wireless TVs that ditch unsightly cords.


Wireless Carrier Survey: Smaller Players Rank High in Customer Satisfaction

The bottom line: Industry titan AT&T finished last, while two smaller carriers that piggyback on AT&T's network, Consumer Cellular and U.S. Cellular, ranked tops.

Sprint's Decision to Stop Using Carrier IQ a Win for Privacy Advocates

Critics worry the tool lets phones double as spying devices, while the software maker says it is intended to help wireless carriers improve the performance of their handsets by communicating metrics.


CTIA 2011 Preview: Hot Phones to Watch

At the show in San Diego starting Tuesday, we're expecting to see at least one new Windows Phone Mango phone, some awesome Android phones and maybe an inexpensive tablet.

Hold the Phone: Apple iPhone 4S Preorders a Hit, Pushing Delivery Dates Back

So many people have already ordered the new phone that Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and Apple online stores are telling customers they'll have to wait a little longer.


AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S II Now Available Online

The smartphone, which has been a big hit in Europe and has surpassed 10 million in channel sales, is now available for purchase at AT&T's website for $200 with a two-year contract.