Don't-Miss Stories

AT&T's Mobile Success Pays Off

Wireless revenue helps AT&T meet earnings expectations, even with increased expenses.

Google Nexus S Comes to AT&T July 24

The pretty Nexus S will be available to AT&T customers for $100 on July 24


T-Mobile Unveils New Unlimited Text, Data Plans

The plans debut July 24 and require a two-year contract agreement. Customers can choose the the amount of high-speed data they want to download in 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB increments.


AT&T's First LTE Laptop Dongle 'Coming Soon'

AT&T is apparently gearing up for its LTE launch, as the company Wednesday announced that its first LTE modem will be "coming soon."


HTC Status Review: A Phone for Facebook Fanatics

While the Status might not have the most advanced specs, the software and hardware integration with Facebook is very cool.


Boost Weak Cell Service at Home: Your Options

Do you have a Dead Zone in your home? Femtocells and repeaters will help, but they'll cost you.

Sony's Tablets Definitely Aren't iPads

Sony's S1 has a wedge shape that angles the screen for comfy typing and feels like a folded magazine, while its S2 is clamshell device with two 5.5" displays which, in unfolded mode, can operate independently or as one big screen.


Amazon, AT&T Announce Ad-Supported Kindle 3G for $139

Amazon now has a 3G version of its "Kindle With Special Offers"


AT&T/T-Mobile: Why this New Monopoly is Bad for Consumers

Analysis: Does the AT&T/T-Mobile merger give AT&T too much power?

LulzSec Says Goodbye with New Data Dump

In what it says is its final act of mayhem, hacker group LulzSec publicly unloaded a trove of documents containing a significant amount of compressed data.