Don't-Miss Stories

Amazon, AT&T Announce Ad-Supported Kindle 3G for $139

Amazon now has a 3G version of its "Kindle With Special Offers"


AT&T/T-Mobile: Why this New Monopoly is Bad for Consumers

Analysis: Does the AT&T/T-Mobile merger give AT&T too much power?

LulzSec Says Goodbye with New Data Dump

In what it says is its final act of mayhem, hacker group LulzSec publicly unloaded a trove of documents containing a significant amount of compressed data.

AT&T IPad Hacker Faces Jail

UPDATE: The first of two hackers charged in AT&T iPad security breach enters a guilty plea.


T-Mobile Says 1 Million iPhones on its Network

T-Mobile claims most of the phones pre-date the iPhone 4, which means those users physically had to trim their SIM card to get them to fit into their device.


Verizon iPhone Caused Android Market Share Drop, Analyst Says

Verizon's iPhone may have been the reason Android has lost market share, according to stats from analyst firm Needham & Co.


Verizon to Kill Unlimited Data Plans in July

Verizon hasn't announced pricing but a basic 2 GB plan will reportedly cost $30 per month, 5 GB for $50 per month and 10 GB for $80 per month.

T-Mobile Adds 47 Cities to its Fastest Wireless Network

The 47 new HSPA+42 cities on T-Mobile include Albuquerque, N.M., Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, Sacramento and San Diego, Calif., Salt Lake City, and San Antonio.


Verizon Tries to Maintain Edge Over AT&T in Race to 4G

Verizon is expanding its LTE network to 19 new cities this week as AT&T prepares to heat up the 4G race.

Apple's Unlocked iPhone 4: A Getting-Started Guide

The idea of buying an unlocked iPhone 4 may be appealing, does it make sense? If you're thinking about going this route, here's what you should consider.