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Denon AH-C560R in-ear headphones

Just about anyone would enjoy the AH-C560R. Its audio detail is good without brightness or harshness, and the overall balance is good enough that the slight emphasis on lower frequencies won't offend most listeners.


Speedy, Simple, and Free: Music Player Clementine is a Darling

Organize and play back your music collection with thoughtful, multiplatform app Clementine.

The Best Web Apps and Online Services: Get the Most Out of the Cloud

By using Web-based applications and storing your files online, you can work from anywhere, on any device, for next to nothing.

Cloud Music Services Let You Enjoy Tunes Everywhere

Listen to top songs and discover new artists through personalized online radio stations, or upload your own songs to a digital music locker for playback on any device.


Technology Helps Pope Extend Reach into Space

Pope Benedict XVI has become the first pontiff to communicate directly with astronauts in orbit.


Twitter and Facebook Posts Live Loud With ShoutOMatic

Why type your Facebook status updates and Tweets when you can speak them instead?

Overpriced Tech Gadgets Only a Crowned Head Can Afford

Gold-plated BlackBerrys, alligator-skin iPad cases, and $3000 HDMI cables are among the extravagances in our roundup of luxury tech gadgets that no real person can afford.


11 Geekiest Musical Artists of All Time

Artists who were able to keep their geekiness intact after gaining a following, ranging in music style from hip-hop to experimental folk.


The Geek of Gaga: How Lady Gaga is Transforming Modern Tech

The preeminent self promoter Lady Gaga has been dipping her hand into tech over the past couple years. Here is a snapshot of what she's been up to.


Apple's iPod Killed Microsoft's Zune

Microsoft can blame Apple and its iPod hegemony for the failure of its Zune digital media player.