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Artists who were able to keep their geekiness intact after gaining a following, ranging in music style from hip-hop to experimental folk.


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Apple's iPod Killed Microsoft's Zune

Microsoft can blame Apple and its iPod hegemony for the failure of its Zune digital media player.


The Sound of Music (And Random Data Files and Programs)

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iTunes Freedom Coming Soon?

Unlimited downloads of your iTunes music purchases to any device you own reportedly is in the works.


Digitize Your Music

Rip your records and transfer your audio tapes to high-quality digital files. Plus, tips on music OCR, and more.


Retrieve Lost Media Files With Disk Doctors Photo Recovery

Disk Doctors Photo Recovery quickly and simply recovers lost or formatted image, video, and music files.

Insure Your iTunes Library With Movavi iCopy

Easy-to-use utility Movavi iCopy backs up your iTunes library.

Sennheiser MM 70 iP

With a street price of around $100, Sennheiser's MM 70 iP has quite a bit of competition in the canalbud market when it comes to sound quality. However, few of its competitors offer comparable microphone performance or are as comfortable.