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Sony is getting into the cloud-based music streaming game -- but its plan of attack seems almost built for failure.


Clean Up Audio Files With SoundSaver

Record, edit, and restore audio with SoundSaver, a utility from one of the leaders in noise reduction.

Vocoo's CP3 Studio Turns Any Track Into Karaoke's karaoke conversion service and CP3 Studio client software are fascinating, and extremely effective, but immature.

Blu-ray Audio Quality: HDMI vs. Optical

Robert Melczarek asked me why, if HDMI and optical connections are both digital, HDMI provides better sound


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American Sound Works gives us a look at its new speakers


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Sleek and rapper 50 Cent team up to bring you headphones with street cred.


The House of Marley Launches Eco-Conscious Sound Line

Bob Marley wants you to go green with his new line of headphones and docks.


ION Audio Turns Vinyl Vertical

Even turntables get an upgrade at this year's CES.


Able Planet Tower of Power

This monster sound system won't use up a monstrous amount of energy.


Sennheiser's Stylish, Powerful Gaming Headphones

Sennheiser showed classic headphones at CES, but the most impressive was the new gaming headphone series.