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Next iPhone: Ultrathin, Smart Camera Flash?

Two Apple patent applications suggest the company is prepping new audio and digital camera technology for yet to be named devices. Could they be for a next-gen iPhone?


Audible for Android

Similar to a Kindle for audiobooks, Audible is definitely worth downloading.


3 (Cubed)

3 (Cubed) is easily the best-looking music player for Android.


iPod Nano Gains Multi-Touch Display, But Loses Video Capability

In it's biggest makeover yet, the nano gains Multi-Touch but loses features and screen size.


Voice Recorder

This app excels at recording quick notes or impromptu interviews but suffers from stability issues.


Apple: The King of Digital Music

Analysis: Apple has dominated digital music sales for close to a decade. Can the company that popularized paid digital music maintain its position?


Enjoy 3D Sound From Your PC With AstoundSound Expander

Sound enhancer AstoundSound Expander for Windows creates a uniquely 3D sound field without the complex user interface of SRS's HD Audio Lab.

How to Record Streaming Audio

Want to revisit your favorite Internet-radio memories? Here’s how to record streaming audio on your PC.


Tuner - gStrings

Precise and powerful free tuning app does one thing and does it well, easily outclassing many store-bought tuners.



This music-recognition app works like magic--except when its bugs break the spell.