Don't-Miss Stories

Tuner - gStrings

Precise and powerful free tuning app does one thing and does it well, easily outclassing many store-bought tuners.



This music-recognition app works like magic--except when its bugs break the spell.


Livo Recorder Pro

This voice recorder app provides a nice user interface and some great features.


Deals of the Week

Check out this week's deals on a 50-inch plasma TV, a compact mega-zoom digital camera, a kick-ass speaker set, and a green-tech electric trike.


PreSonus Studio One Makes Music Creation Easier

Track-based digital audio workstation Studio One combines power with ease of use.

The Anybots Robot Can Attend Meetings For You

The Anybots robot functions as a seeing and hearing personal avatar that can roll around the office as you operate it through a Web browser from your home.

Kill a Bad Mood with MoodTurn

Before you turn into the Hulk and smash everything in your path, try pointing your browser at this calming, soothing site.

Skeptical Shopper: Hulu and Pandora--Worth the Upgrade?

Pandora and Hulu now offer premium subscription services that promise superior quality and more content.

Tag&Rename Organizes Your Tunes--Trouble-Free

Clean up your music library with Tag&Rename's automated tagging.

Video Conferencing for Small Businesses

Add video conferencing to your business toolkit to get you more face time with your colleagues and customers.