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NTI Shadow 5 Review: Simple, Continuous Backup

Real-time, continuous file-level backup and syncing don't get any easier.

NTI Shadow 5

Real-time, continuous file-level backup and syncing don't get any easier.

Hurricane Irene: Last-Minute Survival Tips for Small Businesses

As Irene barrels toward the East Coast it's a bit late to make continuity and disaster recovery plans, but these tips may help keep your business going or get it back up quickly later.

Is Cloud-Based Backup Safe?

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Seagate Offers Free Data Recovery Service with Hard Drive Purchase

GoFlex Turbo hard drives come with two years of coverage under Seagate's SafetyNet service, which tries to recover lost data after equipment damage.

Protect Your Data from Google's Hammer

Analysis: When Google kills your account, what happens to your Android phone?


Being Cheap Can Be Costly for Data Backups

SMBs have small budgets and always look for ways to save a buck, but when it comes to protecting critical data, sometimes being cheap today can be a very expensive decision for tomorrow.

CrashPlan Pro Makes SMB Backup a Snap

Online backup solution CrashPlan Pro, geared towards small-to-medium businesses, boasts a snazzy management console.