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Dropbox: Insecure by Design?

A security researcher has revealed that it’s easy for non-authorized computers to access a user’s files. But is this anything to worry about?

Leaving Your Job? Take Your Data With You

Whether you're leaving on your own timetable or departing with a pink slip in your hand, here's how to hit the bricks with your digital life intact.

Most IT Managers Plan to Adopt Cloud Storage

Fifty-seven percent of CIOs and storage administrators plan to adopt cloud storage -- first for email, then front office applications and finally for backup data.

Happy World Backup Day

Today’s the first World Backup Day, and it’s an excellent time to put into place backup plans for your data, if you haven’t already.

Mozy Releases MozyHome App for iPhone

Users can view documents and open them in other applications, preview photos as thumbnails and download those they want to see in full, higher resolution and post photos to Facebook.


Choosing Cloud Backup For PCs

Storing your data off-site is essential in case of theft or other disaster, but there’s a bewildering amount of choices.

IT Workloads up as Tech Added Sans Staff

As data centers continue to add technology, they aren't necessarily adding people to manage their servers, new surveys have found.

My Backup is a Mess

With an external hard drive filling up with redundant backups, Loutsoul62 turned to the Answer Line forum for help

Death of Google Gears Makes Cloud Backup Harder

As Google officially axes Gears, locally backing up data for Google’s cloud services becomes impossible--at least until HTML5 arrives.


Five Steps to a Better New PC

Just bought a new PC? Here's how to ditch the bloatware, get the apps you want, and make sure it has all your important data.