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Google Gmail Snafu Lesson: Back Up, Back Up, Back Up

You may live and work in the cloud, but your data needs protection. We show you how to easily back up your vital information from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and other cloud-based services.


Using More Than One Backup Program

Ata Amiri asked if using two separate backup program will interfere with incremental backups

Disk or Tape Backup: How About Both?

Enterprises today have many more backup choices than they used to have, and they're taking advantage by pairing legacy and newer technologies.

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Easy-to-use utility Movavi iCopy backs up your iTunes library.

Best Media For Backups

Kenb asked the Desktops forum onto what type of media he should backup his files

Building a Better Business Backup System

Don’t wait until your data disappears in a disaster to create a comprehensive backup plan and pick the technology that’s right for your business. Backup may never be fun, but it is becoming more affordable, automated, and painless.

FileJumbo Offers Huge Uploads For Free, No Questions Asked

Who said the promise of free cloud storage was dead? A new service from Baltsoft offers free-of-charge 1GB file uploads and downloads.

Mozy Drops Unlimited Storage, Destroys Cloud Dream

Mozy has started capping its previously unlimited cloud storage system, possibly indicating that the cloud isn’t as generous as we might have thought.

Mozy Says Prices Headed Up for Online Storage Customers

Hit with an onslaught of users wielding high-definition electronics, Mozy said on Monday that it's changing pricing for online storage