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Mozy has started capping its previously unlimited cloud storage system, possibly indicating that the cloud isn’t as generous as we might have thought.

Mozy Says Prices Headed Up for Online Storage Customers

Hit with an onslaught of users wielding high-definition electronics, Mozy said on Monday that it's changing pricing for online storage

Hard Disk Drive Failure

Robyn's PC gives her a "Hard Disk Drive Failure" error message at boot up. A reboot loads Windows.

Back Up Your Android Phone With MyBackup Pro

Back up and restore your phone apps and data in the cloud or on your SD card with this handy utility.


MiMedia Backs Up the Media Files Other Backups Neglect

Back up all your media files with MiMedia and access them from the cloud from then on.

Protect Your Backup Data from Murphy's Law

Backing up data is crucial, but it is just as important that the backup data be protected from catastrophe as well.

Protect Your Laptop

Laptops can be stolen. Neoflyer asked the Answer Line forum for tips on protecting them.

Google Message Continuity Brings Gmail Benefits to Exchange

Google Message Continuity uses the resiliency and availability of Gmail to provide backup and business continuity for Microsoft Exchange.

A Crazy Data Back-up Scheme That Works

Symform's groundbreaking online data backup offering is turning heads, but can it win over skeptics?

Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Images Your OS...For Free

Free imaging backup utility Paragon Backup & Recovery 2010 Free has surprisingly advanced features.