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How Do I Back Up?

I keep telling readers to back up their hard drives. Starlla Dupert asked me how.

Free and Affordable Software to Sync Your Work and Your Life

Whether you need access to your files on a PC, on a mobile device, or through the cloud, these downloadable utilities will keep your many computers talking--and keep your work and personal life on track.

R-Drive Image 4.7

This isn't the prettiest drive imaging program around, but it might be the best.

Simple Cross-Platform Backups With SafeSync

TrendMicro's SafeSync offers a simple and secure way to back up files and access them across multiple devices.

Software That Does It All

Edit your photos, organize your finances, access your computer remotely, and do even more with these essential software packages and Web apps--a mix of established favorites and indispensable up-and-comers.

O&O AutoBackup Does One Thing Well...But Is One Thing Enough?

AutoBackup's backup on insertion is a neat trick, but the program is otherwise limited.

Windows 8 Reset and Refresh: Microsoft's New Ways to Restore Your PC

Windows 8's reset and refresh features allow you to install a clean copy of Windows 8 on malfunctioning PCs while preserving apps, personal data, and settings - no backup disks needed.

Tech That Should Be on Your Company's Radar for 2012

These 10 technologies can help you gain a competitive advantage and serve customers better.

Is Cloud Computing for You? Five Points to Consider

Cloud computing offers a wide range of benefits, no matter what size of business you operate.

Downloads Digest: Carbonite 5, Fade In, AeroFS, Cloud9 IDE, Studio One Artist

The five most recently reviewed files include screenplay software, a fabulous file-sync program in invitation-only beta, a promising IDE that needs some work, and a music and audio recording program.