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First Impressions: Nook Tablet Is the Value Tablet to Beat

B&N's Nook Tablet is fast, has a dynamite display, and will give Kindle Fire and other value tablets a run for their money.


Nook Tablet vs. Kindle Fire: Media Tablet Spec Showdown

Use our spec comparison chart to quickly see how the new Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet compares to Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet.


Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Takes on Amazon's Kindle Fire

B&N's; Nook Tablet tops Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet in specs, but costs $50 more.


Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Prepares For Deathmatch with Kindle Fire

The Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet has slightly better specs on paper, but we'll have to wait to see both before a winner can be declared.


Amazon Kindle Tablet Could Shake Up Tablet Wars: Here's How

Amazon's brand recognition, bevy of existing e-reader owners, and e-commerce platform make it a formidable rival suited to go head-to-head with Apple.


Amazon, Barnes & Noble Tablets should be Holiday Stars

Gift buyers may like what they see in the new Amazon and B&N tablets, particularly if rumors about the devices' sizes, specs, and prices hold true.


B&N's Nook Heads to Radio Shack as Holiday E-reader Battle Looms

The Nook and Nook Color will go on sale at Radio Shack on October 3.


Amazon's 7-Inch Tablet Reportedly $250; Could Challenge iPad

With a competitive price and Amazon's wealth of content, the new device could put a dent in other manufacturers' tablet sales -- maybe even Apple's.


The New Nook has a Secret Web Browser

The web browser on Barnes and Noble’s latest addition to the Nook family may be just the tip of the iceberg.


Why E-Books Are Bad for You

By restricting purchases unnecessarily, e-books and e-readers are a bad deal, says free software guru Richard Stallman.