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How Do I Extend My Laptop's Battery Life?

You can extend your laptop’s battery life an extra hour or two with a few minor sacrifices.

Energizer’s Inductive Charger: Qi Makes Its Debut

The device lets you charge phones by plopping them on a mat rather than plugging in a cable -- and it's an improvement over other inductive set-ups like the Powermat.

Get a Better Battery Gauge for Your Laptop

Fab freebie BatteryBar is the single best thing to happen to laptops since Wi-Fi. It shows you everything you need to know about your battery.

On Your Side: AT&T Early-Termination Fees

Plus: a rejected rebate request and a laptop battery recall.

Tech Travel Tips

Here's a checklist of cheap essential gadgets to ensure smooth traveling with tech.

Hot Gadget Preview for the 2010 Holiday Season

The mercury may be pushing 90 in New York, but that hasn't stopped some tech firms from dreaming of snowdrifts and cool holiday tech gear. Here is a sneak peek at what they'll be pushing in December.

iPhone 4 Battery Life: The Test Results Are In

Apple’s iPhone 4 boasts longer battery life compared to its predecessor. Tested is a year-old iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 in a series battery endurance tests.


Apple Designs Solar-powered iPhones

A patent application suggests Apple plans to offer solar charging capabilities for the iPhone and other mobile devices.


HP Battery Recall: Prevent Fire or Injury

HP has expanded a recall of batteries that may pose a fire or injury hazard.

GM's Latest Electric Car, the EN-V, Can Drive Itself

General Motors' EN-V (electric networked vehicle) has a battery that can be charged using ordinary outlets and a maximum speed of more than 24 miles per hour.