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Chinavasion releases a solar-powered charger that will power virtually any electronic device.


Four Tips for Making Your Camera's Batteries Last

Here's how to get more power and value out of your camera batteries.


On Your Side: A Promised Software Disc Fails to Arrive

A consumer's request gets lost in the shuffle. Plus: PowerDVD confusion, and a battery recall.

Sanyo Opens Green Electric Bicycle Rental Facility

Sanyo's Eneloop bicycles are available for hire and are recharged by solar panels on the roof of the Tokyo parking structure


iPad Buyer be Aware: $99 Replacement if Battery Dies

It may take a few years before the iPad battery begins to decline; does that mean several models will be available at once?


iPad Swapped if its Battery Fails, Apple Says

Apple will exchange iPads with dud batteries for a whole new new device for $99 (data backup not included).


Energizer Warns of Trojan in Battery Charger

The USB battery recharger's software is infected; here's how to innoculate.

Caring for Your Laptop

Jeremy Sutherland wants advice on keeping his laptop healthy.

The Energizer DUO Trojan: What You Need to Know

Users of Energizer's USB charger are at risk of a security breach, so here's how to protect your system.

Asus Unveils its First E-Reader

Asus unveils an electronic book reader with a 9-inch touch-sensitive display.