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Windows 7 Just Being Honest About Battery Life

Microsoft has looked into reported issues with Windows 7 battery life and determined that users are simply caught off guard by Windows 7 more accurate battery life reporting.

Lithium-Ion Battery Life Could Reach 20 Years

Japanese research firm Eamex claims that new lithium-ion battery technology could result in batteries that last up to 20 years and sustain over 10,000 recharges.


Windows 7 Tarnished by Notebook Battery Issues

Microsoft is investigating reports, dating back to June 2009, that users are experiencing drastically shorter battery life on notebooks using Windows 7.

Microsoft Probes Windows 7 Battery Problems

Microsoft is looking into battery problems apparently affecting Windows 7 notebooks amid complaints from some users that the OS has crippled their batteries...

Energizer Energi To Go XP18000 Pack Offers Extra Power

The XP18000 is a convenient and versatile external battery for charging up to three devices--including a laptop and a USB device--at once.


Raise Your WIndows IQ: Learn Your Laptop's Power Settings

Don't fall victim to your PC's unreliable standby mode. Instead, do like bears do, and choose hibernation.

Asustek Shows New Eee PC With Slide-out Battery

Asustek unveiled some of its newest products at CES on Tuesday, including a new netbook with slide-out battery and the N90 Bang & Olufsen widescreen laptop.

Panasonic's New Battery Designed with Safety in Mind

Safer laptop batteries on the way courtesy of Panasonic.


Batteries Built out of Paper

Nanotechnology generates bendable, paper batteries that can be soaked in acid and still hold a charge.

Terrific Tech Gifts for $200 or Less

Pocket camcorders, easy extra storage, touchscreen widget players, and game consoles--unaffordable? Think again.