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Standardize This! 10 Technology Messes That Need Fixing

Why should every mobile device in your house have a different charger? Why can’t a cell phone from one network work on every other system? These ten solutions would stop the madness.


Users Dispute Microsoft's Explanation of Windows 7 Battery Problems

Windows 7 does not ruin notebook batteries or issue premature warnings that the power is exhausted, Microsoft's head of Windows said in response to customer...

Windows 7 Just Being Honest About Battery Life

Microsoft has looked into reported issues with Windows 7 battery life and determined that users are simply caught off guard by Windows 7 more accurate battery life reporting.

Lithium-Ion Battery Life Could Reach 20 Years

Japanese research firm Eamex claims that new lithium-ion battery technology could result in batteries that last up to 20 years and sustain over 10,000 recharges.


Windows 7 Tarnished by Notebook Battery Issues

Microsoft is investigating reports, dating back to June 2009, that users are experiencing drastically shorter battery life on notebooks using Windows 7.

Microsoft Probes Windows 7 Battery Problems

Microsoft is looking into battery problems apparently affecting Windows 7 notebooks amid complaints from some users that the OS has crippled their batteries...

Energizer Energi To Go XP18000 Pack Offers Extra Power

The XP18000 is a convenient and versatile external battery for charging up to three devices--including a laptop and a USB device--at once.


Raise Your WIndows IQ: Learn Your Laptop's Power Settings

Don't fall victim to your PC's unreliable standby mode. Instead, do like bears do, and choose hibernation.

Asustek Shows New Eee PC With Slide-out Battery

Asustek unveiled some of its newest products at CES on Tuesday, including a new netbook with slide-out battery and the N90 Bang & Olufsen widescreen laptop.

Panasonic's New Battery Designed with Safety in Mind

Safer laptop batteries on the way courtesy of Panasonic.