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Nanotechnology generates bendable, paper batteries that can be soaked in acid and still hold a charge.

Terrific Tech Gifts for $200 or Less

Pocket camcorders, easy extra storage, touchscreen widget players, and game consoles--unaffordable? Think again.


Digital Cameras With the Best Battery Life

Leave your charger at home, or get better mileage out of your AA batteries. Based on PC World Labs battery evaluations, here are 2009's juiciest point-and-shoot cameras in terms of battery longevity.


Nokia's Charger Recall Just the Latest Tech Do-Over

Analysis: Here's a recent brief history of electronics recalls and official oops experiences.

Nokia Announces Charger Recall: What You Need To Know

Nokia will replace for free millions of faulty cellphone chargers that pose a shock hazard to users.


Should You Use Standby or Hibernate?

Most laptops give you a choice, but which mode works best, and why? Answers coming up.

Toshiba Launches its First Fuel Cell Charger

Toshiba's Dynario fuel cell chargers are now on sale in Japan.


Protect Your PC From Sudden Power Outages

You never know when the lights will go out, taking your data--and perhaps even your entire PC--with them. An inexpensive battery-backup can save the day.

Technology Fails: 8 Extreme Electronic Disasters

From acid-leaking game controllers to flame-shooting laptops, these eight failures are enough to shake anyone's faith in technology.


BattCursor Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Laptop's Battery Life

Keep track of battery life with BattCursor, a free program that puts the remaining battery percentage under the cursor.