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Class Action Suit Seeks Truth about Laptop Battery Life

Analysis: Vendors have fudged claims for laptop battery life for years, but now their hyped up specs are being challenged in the courts.

iPhone 3GS Comes Up Short on Battery Life: Is Software to Blame?

As iPhone 3GS users complain their phones can't hold a charge some say it's a software, not a hardware, issue.


Mophie Cures iPhone Battery Woes

The Mophie Juice Pack Air is a simple, if pricy, solution to the iPhone's limited battery life.

Casio Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera Handles 1,000 Shots Per Battery Charge

Casio's Exilim Hi-Zoom EX-H10 shoots 1,000 images on a single battery charge.


Save Energy, Save Money

Keep your office hardware, desktop PCs, and laptop batteries running as efficiently as possible to cut ongoing energy costs.

Netbook Battery Champs

Need a long-lasting portable? Here's a guide to netbooks that last over 6 hours on a charge.


Smartphones: 14 Great Things iPhones and BlackBerrys Can Do

Control 7 different devices with your iPhone, play Internet radio on your BlackBerry, and more.

First Look: Sharp's Solar-Powered Cell Phone

Sharp has just unveiled the world's first solar-powered cell phone where 10 minutes in the sun will give you enough juice for about a minute of talk time.


General Motors and Segway Unveil the PUMA Transporter

Struggling auto-maker General Motors unveils a two-wheeled, two-seat electric vehicle jointly developed with Segway.


Squeeze More Life out of Your Battery

When battery life really counts, adjusting a few simple settings can keep unproductive darkness at bay.