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Must-have Android tablet accessories

These Android tablet gadgets are size-agnostic, and provide the perfect complement for your tablet.


A skinny iPhone 5 could boost battery life

If Apple uses a new, thinner display in its next iPhone, the battery could pack as much as 40% more capacity than the current 4S, a researcher says.

Learn More About Your Laptop's Battery Status

BatteryBar is one of the all-time great Windows freebies. But a mere $5 gets you the Pro version, which is even better.

Which Ultrabooks Have User-Replaceable Batteries? Too Few

Many of the sexy new Ultrabooks have batteries that are difficult or impossible to replace. If that bothers you, use these charts to check your model before you buy.

USB Group Approves New One-Size-Fits-All Charging Method

We may soon be able to say goodbye to the clunky laptop power brick and mishmash of proprietary device chargers, thanks to USB Power Delivery.


Annual Cost of iPad Charging is Negligible

iPads are eco-friendly as far as power consumption, eating less than 12 kWh of power in a year, study reveals.


Retina MacBook Pro Battery Will Cost 54% More To Service

You may want to factor in this higher cost if you're considering buying Apple's sleek new laptop.


High-tech Knee Strap Powers Devices Through Walking

This could enable a new generation of GPS tracking, more advanced signal processing and more frequent and longer wireless transmission, the researchers said.

USB Fuel Cell Promises Two-Week Charge for Smartphones

Lilliputian Systems says its portable fuel cell will provide juice for your smartphone a dozen times before running out.


Advertising in Free Apps Saps Your Smartphone's Battery Life

More energy is spent on user tracking, GPS, and other functions than your game play, researchers find.