Don't-Miss Stories

New iPad Battery Life: Not as Good as iPad 2

In spite of Apple's claims, PCWorld Labs tests show that the new iPad doesn't match the iPad 2 in battery life.

Apple 'Must Fix' iPad Battery Issue, Study Warns

Apple 'must fix' the new iPad's battery charging indicator issue or face a costly replacement of the batteries.


New iPad Battery Keeps Charging Despite 'Battery Full' Message

Apple bumped battery size and output by 70% in the newest iPad, but the tablet is thirsty for that extra power; here's how to squeeze out some extra juice.


Free Android Apps Packed with Ads are Major Battery Drains

Researchers found that third-party advertising in free apps can be responsible for as much as 65 percent to 75 percent of an app's energy consumption.


Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer: 3 Things to Know

Learn how to make your current battery last longer and shop smarter when the time comes to replace it.

New iPad Sports Much Larger Battery, Teardown Reveals

Inside, the new iPad is basically a giant battery, with the electronics neatly arranged around the side.


Sub-Zero Weather: Can Your Smartphone Stand The Cold?

MikroPC, which is PCWorld Finland, put a number of phones through cold testing to find out which work best when the temperature is below zero. Hint: If you live in a very cold area, you might not want the Apple iPhone 4S.


HP Recalls Laptops Over Faulty Batteries

HP and the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued the recall. Here's a list of the affected devices.

HP Pays $425,000 to Settle Claims Over Hazardous Laptop Batteries

Hewlett-Packard will pay $425,000 to settle a claim that it knowingly sold laptops with hazardous batteries that could overheat or catch fire.

SpareOne: This Mobile Phone Holds Its Charge…for 15 Years

The $50 no-frills phone is designed for situations where your primary mobile phone has either lost its charge or isn't available.