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Apple's iOS 5 Update: No Battery Drain Fix?

Forums are still filled with complaints, suggestions and comments about ongoing battery issues with the iPhone 4S and iOS glitches on older models.


What Smartphones Will Be Like in 2012

Look for phones with quad-core processors, NFC payment capability, and fantastic displays--but alas, probably not true 24-hour battery life.


New Tech Can Reduce Battery Charging Time to Mere Seconds

A discovery in the self-orienting properties of a titanium oxide nanostructure may allow for drastically faster charging electronic devices.


Apple Fixing iPhone 4S Battery Problem, Other User Issues

Apple said this week the fix for the battery-zapping bugs will be out in a few weeks.


Apple Promises a Fix for iPhone 4S Battery Issues

The company blames recent battery woes--reported by users--on iOS 5 and promises fixes.


iPhone 4S Battery Woes: Where is the Outrage?

Apple's iPhone 4S battery blues should act as the catalyst for change, with users demanding better battery performance no matter the handset brand.

Apple iPhone 4S Battery Drain: Guessing Game Continues

Users are helping each other with makeshift battery-saving techniques while Apple remains mute in response to their complaints.


Tips to Keep iPhone 4S Battery from Draining Fast

People find that the "Setting Time Zone" element within Location Services in iOS seems to operate when it doesn't need to, resulting in excessive battery drain.


NEC Says New Technology Doubles Lithium Battery Life

NEC said Monday that it has developed a new lithium-ion battery technology that doubles the life span of conventional models.

How to Extend Your Camera's Battery Life

Ever missed a crucial shot because the battery on your camera died unexpectedly? Here’s a collection of tips that are guaranteed to extend a camera’s battery life.