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Security, Hacker Conferences Have Technology Industry Buzzing

The world's best security researchers and hackers have gathered in Las Vegas for the Black Hat and Def Con security conferences, and news about their work is creeping out like a toxic flood.

Travel Smart: The Best Tech Gear for the Road

You can take it with you. A digital nomad reveals his favorite mobile equipment for traveling light.

Apple MacBook Batteries Vulnerable to Malware, Destruction

A researcher has studied the batteries in several MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs and discovered they are vulnerable to being hacked.

How to Work Outdoors

Working outside is often an eye-squinting, headache-inducing, battery-draining agony. It doesn’t have to be, if you follow these outdoor computing tips.

Apple iPad, Day 10: iPad 2 Just Keeps Going and Going

Today I compare the iPad 2 against my Dell XPS M1330 notebook to see how they stack up when it comes to battery life.

12 Terrific Tips for Taking Tech on Vacation

Going on vacation and worried about running out of juice, scheduling your DVR from the road, or making sure that you can see your Amazon, Hulu Plus, and Netflix streaming video while away? Here's some advice.

Essential Gadgets for the Road Warrior

Essential Gadgets for Road Warriors

HP's Massive Battery Recall: What You Need to Know

After reports of overheating laptop batteries, HP has recalled about 160,000 lithium-ion battery packs used in some of its HP and Compaq laptops. Here's the scoop.


Make Your BlackBerry PlayBook Battery Last Longer

When I first started using my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet about a month ago, I was impressed that I could get through nearly an entire day on a charge.

Laptop Batteries You Won't Have to Replace for at Least Three Years

New lithium-ion batteries coming soon from Leyden Energy are said to hold a full charge for at least three years.