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Bing Closes Gap on Google's Search Engine Lead

Bing captured about 30 percent of the search market in March, while Google's share declined, going from nearly 67 percent to 64 percent.

Bing iPad App Draws Kudos

One analyst says Google should beware of Microsoft's version of Bing for iPad, its first app for Apple's tablet.


Bing for iPad: Visual Tour

A walkthrough of Microsoft's latest app for the iPad

Three New Search Engines Worth Checking Out

Three New Search Engines Worth Investigating

Bing's Secret Weapon: Online Video

YouTube may be the reigning king of online video, but Microsoft, very quietly, has jumped to the number 2 spot in online video watching, leaping from number 7 to number 2 in a single month. It's now ahead of many rivals, including Hulu, Yahoo, Turner, AOL, and others.

Microsoft Apologizes for Using Japan Disaster to Market Bing

Tweet that tied Microsoft contributions for Japan earthquake relief to number of retweets causes uproar.

Worst Twitter Campaign Ever?

Microsoft uses Japanese disaster to boost Bing via Twitter.

Bing's New Toolbar is Cool -- and a Little Creepy

Bing's new toolbar is usefull, as long as you're ok with it tracking your every move.

Lies, Damned Lies and Search Engines

Google has caught Microsoft with its hand in its search-engine cookie jar. That's bad, but it also leads me to the question, How much can you trust any search...

Bing Tops Google in Search Accuracy

Both Microsoft's search engine and Yahoo's Bing-powered search outscored Google at getting users to visit websites.