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Bing Windows 8 apps updated, boosting RSS functions

Microsoft has updated more members of its Windows 8 apps, notably enhancing Bing News with an RSS feeder to take advantage of Google's abandonment of its Reader.

April Fools' Day 2013: A roundup of the best tech gags

Every April 1, the Web explodes with nonsense. Here is a rundown of many of 2013's most creative pranks.



Bing boosts Twitter, Facebook findings in search results

Bing is incorporating more information from outside social networks such as Facebook and Twitter into how it displays search results involving people.


Google keeps Bing, Yahoo at bay in search business

Google hangs onto its dominant share of the search market, while its competitors inch up and down.


bing apps

Microsoft releases free Bing apps for Office 365

Five new add-ons for Office 365 let you search the Web within a Word doc, add Bing maps to your files, and spell words phonetically.

social networks

Bing bolsters the Facebook findings in its search results

Microsoft is striving to make the site more social by returning a wider range of Facebook content from in Bing's search results.


How Facebook Graph Search will ignite a search revolution

Facebook's Graph Search is the future of search, but its rivals aren't standing by. Google and Bing are also serving up hyper-personalized answers tailored to you and your social universe. Some of it is helpful, and some of it may just be creepy.


Microsoft Socl

Microsoft opens own social network, Socl

Microsoft Thursday unveiled Thursday Socl, a new social network that combines the graphics-heavy interface of Pinterest with its own Bing search functionality.

Microsoft knocks Google Shopping with 'Scroogled' attack ad

Microsoft is calling out Google's switch to a pay-to-play system for listings in Google Shopping to promote its own Bing search engine.

Bing's top 2012 search terms: iPhone 5, Facebook

The annual list of top search queries on Bing show that Facebook, Apple's iPhone 5 and the presidential election have been of significant interest to the online world during 2012.